Name: Daniel

Surname: Bergamelli

Nickname: dani87 in here (da-ah, obviously! Are you demented or something? :p). Elsewhere, I don't think I have one. My "russenavn" (a name given to me by my class, since it's our last year at school) is Mr Pink! Guess why! ;p no, I'm not gay! Guess again. :p

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Birthday: 6th December, December 6th, 06.12. (or 12.06. for the American lot of you), le 6 decembre, 6. desember, and so on and so on..don't forget it! ;) born in 1987. Born a bit too soon, though, I was due 24th december (you know THAT date, don't you??)!

Marital Status: In Relationship

Star Sign: Sagittarius

City/Suburb: Trondheim :D which is located almost in the middle of...

Country: Norway

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